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Dec 8, 2011 3:00am PST
is jerry sandusky's lawyer letting him go on television over and over again and do these things that will hurt his case down the line even if they're not strictly legal. who is this guy taking advice from? >> if you're a federal judge and going according to the letter of the law, the theatrics are set to the side. >> i don't disagree. >> i would urge people who are watching this program and they're offended or upset what we're referring to, take a look at the average time served for murderers in your state. >> for murderers. >> check that out. >> people that kill, people that kill other people are sentenced to less time than rod blagojevich. >> all i'm saying, for the record is, it seems excessive, i'm kind of not surprised that he got an excessive sentence. >> true. true. >> given the case. >> well, but we only agree with you because it came from a female's voice. >> if acting like an ass was a felony, i'd be in jail right now. >> joe's already living in jail for that. >> let's go to mike's story. next, talking about numbers that are shocking. >> this is -- >> now, this is a po
Dec 21, 2011 3:00am PST
happens and it becomes, oh, my god, jerry sandusky, how we believed he was a saint. it's actually kind of corrosive. we could do a little bit of showing the feet of clay that all these guys have, it seems like it would be good for society if that happened. >> it's a very good point because when i was going back through the notes and tapes from my earlier books as i was starting to put together "one on one" i came across a quote i had forgot fren bob knight. he said to me, i know as long as i win people in indiana will say i'mic eccentric. if i don't win i'll be an embarrassment. >> i love the guy. >> it's a great quote and it's honest. when coaches win and win and win, they become a force unto themselves. that's what happened to joe paterno where he literally threw the president of penn state out of his house because he came there to suggest he might want to retire and where he told the people in charge of enforcement of rules at penn state, i make the rules for my players, you don't. >> who's the smartest person, like genuinely smart. >> the greatest great. >> we talk about athletes a
Dec 27, 2011 3:00am PST
stories of 2011. number one no surprise, the penn state scandal, jerry sandusky, that cost joe paterno his job up there. can we put that into some kind of perspective yet? >> it is the greatest fall from grace in the history of sports in the u.s. i remember saying those same words about tiger woods a couple of years ago, the greatest fall from grace are ever. that now seems quaint compared to what's happened at penn state. and the thing about penn state that nation particularly hard is the school trumpeted itself as one of of only two schools in division i history to never be investigated by the ncaa, never get sanctions by the ncaa. to now have it be really the cher roint sundae of a year of awful scandals at places like the university of miami, ohio state, and it just speaks to a college football world that's sitting on a foundation of the worst kind of corruption and hypocrisy now. a statistic i keep coming took in my mind, the fact that in 1977, woody hayes, the great head coach of ohio state, at his peak, made 42 grand a year. 42 grand. they just signed urban meyer for $4.5 million a
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)